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Image by Helena Yankovska
Working women in the struggle: I see you. I am you.

The pandemic has negatively impacted women and their careers more than men (how? click here). Mothers, senior-level women, and Black women have been most notably affected (more on that here). We are burned out and maxing out, and most of us are either checking out, giving up, or not sure how to get unstuck in our careers and in our jobs. This has not been easy, and even before the COVID-19 crisis we were playing on an uneven playing field. 

"Women have been losing their jobs at higher rates than men. They are disproportionately represented in hourly jobs that don’t offer paid sick leave. And women of color are more likely to be risking their own health as frontline workers." —


And I want to do something about it.


Right now I'm taking a roll call for women on the verge of change. If you're feeling stuck in a job or career or you've been directly impacted by the pandemic, I want to help. Add your name to the waitlist below to be included and informed when I set up my next conversation/engagement.


We can do hard things. Let's boss up together.

Join the waitlist

Women should be in charge of everything.


Hey Ladies,

I've spent 14+ years in Corporate America, in various leadership positions across Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Program Management functions, advancing relationships with a global network of colleagues and customers, and over 18 years participating in professional societies and conferences around the world. I've successfully negotiated every new job opportunity, flexible work arrangement, large multi-million dollar airplane deal, and just about every life opportunity I get, and I know the importance of sound negotiation skills and how to use them. 


Also, in 2020 when I was laid off due to COVID-19, I had the privilege of gaining access to 4 months of professional Outplacement Services, HR Consulting and Talent Management Coaching as part of my severance package, which I used to the fullest. And lastly, as a self-improvement junkie and someone who loves learning, I've invested thousands of hours and dollars building high impact life skills and absorbing material to help me level up in all areas of my life, and I've pressure tested what works for the busy working woman and I want to share it.

I am now the Head of Worldwide Customer Support & Aftermarket Sales for Embraer, where I manage a global team, deliver best-in-class support and services to our worldwide fleet of airplanes, grow relationships with our airline customers, and sell solutions that overdeliver on value.

In short: I'm certain that others can benefit from what I know and what I've learned.

xx, Danielle


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