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Be Your Best You: 5 Simple Things You Can Start Doing Today

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Kids are balls of energy.

I could really use some of their magic juju on the reg. It’s so impressive and contagious.

While we may not ever be as non-stop energetic as our small humans, I’m convinced we can get pretty close. And we can do so by creating the energy we need.

In today’s #APodcastADay @MsRachelHollis talks about how: “You have to be a power plant and create your own power”. And I couldn’t agree more 💥

I get asked a lot: “Wow, how do you fit it all in and get so much done?” Well first, I don’t do it all, and you only see the things I accomplish, and not the many things I say no to on the reg.

As for “Getting it all done”, there’s no magic here, I don’t have super powers or an impressive bankroll that allows me to outsource all the mundane tasks (yet 😉), but: I’m ruthless about my priorities, the management of my calendar, and make absolutely sure I get in a daily workout so that I can have the energy to power through, especially on the busiest days and in the busiest seasons of my life. Working out is truly what I believe to be my secret sauce.

Also…spoiler alert: I don’t drink when I’m stressed, or super busy, or overwhelmed or in a very heavy deliverable season. It just doesn’t serve me. The problem with booze for me is that I love fun and one drink will lead to too many when I’m “in the thick of it”, and I have zero time for hangovers — which are fruitful these days (#DirtyThirties).

Sadly (thankfully), I can no longer rip shots of tequila, or even throw back a few cocktails and then run 8-10 miles the next day and “be fine”. Which is okay by me! Plus, I have expensive champagne tastes, and would rather hold off for when I can actually enjoy and focus on the bottle.

Here are 5 things to start doing today that will help your be the best version of you:

1| Know yourself, and stick to a plan that works for you.

2| Be deliberate about who gets access to you.

3| Workout. Find a way to fit in some fitness/movement everyday. Create your own power. Create your own energy.

4| Manage your calendar like a tight ship. Own your free time.

5| And do the things that your future self will thank you for.

What are you doing to be the best version of you?

xx, Danielle

📸: @BrigittaCanfieldPhoto

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