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Dream Jobs & Purpose Searching

Level Up & Actualize Your Full Potential

Desktop with notepad writing out "dream job"

If someone asked you to write your dream job on a piece of paper and give it to them, could you?

Last year I couldn’t. For quite some time I felt disconnected from the work I was doing and my purpose, and to add to it, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do instead of what I was doing. It sucked.

Being the problem solver that I many of us hustlers...I got to work. I’ve spent the greater part of last year and just about all of this year, dialing in my purpose and what I truly want out of this long rollercoaster of a ride that is life.

I was sick of “waiting to be chosen and noticed” because of all the good hard work I was doing at my corporate desk job, and moreover I was sick of not being able to clearly articulate what I wanted — after all, how can you get what you want if you don’t ask for it or even if you don’t know what that is?!

I needed to dial this in ASAP so that I could start speaking my desires out into the universe and moving in that direction.

This is why I fell into personal branding. And the more I dive into it the more the onion unravels, and the more dialed in I get with who I am, what I want, and the value I bring to the table the clearer my purpose becomes — this has been an invaluable discovery for both my personal and professional life and something I truly believe we can all benefit from.

One of the things that helped me answer the “dream job question” was developing a clear personal branding statement. I have a template for this that you can download it for free as a part of the Bubble & Babes Branding Bundle here.

The other thing I did, and continue to do, is I work on dialing in my purpose. And I do that by asking myself these 4 questions, and writing down the answers in a journal session:

  1. Who am I?

  2. Who do I want to be?

  3. What brings me joy?

  4. What legacy do I want to leave behind?

Try it! Make lists around these questions related to both your personal and work-life. And revisit them as needed.

I’ve done many things to get to the place I am today, and will continue to share the tools that have been working for me so that you too can step into your purpose and show up authentically everywhere as well. Why? It feels so damn good to feel aligned with your purpose and we need women showing up big EVERYWHERE.

Cheers babes.

xx, Danielle

Ready to level-up your work-life?

Download my Bubbles & Babes Branding Bundle. I’ve put together a pressure-tested marketing bundle of personal branding collateral to help anyone refresh and own her/his personal brand and to better position oneself for all conversations during or leading up to a career transition or inflection point. These are the 3 tools you need beyond the resume.

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Jacqui Vardaro
Jacqui Vardaro
03. Jan. 2021

Well said. We all need to decide what we want and how to get it.

Gefällt mir
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