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My Morning Routine: 6 Things I do to Crush the Day

Morning routine. Got one?

If you don’t have one, it’s time to get one.

A strong morning routine is the key to crushing your day, winning at life, feeling fly, and often the only thing in your day that you actually have control over.

Not only does it help you set yourself up for success, but it also gives you a big sense of accomplishment from the start, so that if/when the rest of the day goes to hell in a hand-basket (seriously, all of these idioms were created by OG moms), you GOOD, because you’ve already started the day with a big win.

PSA: There will be days when your morning routine also goes to sh*it, and it’s cool, tomorrow will come.

My AM lineup highlights: 1| Drink water and brush teeth. I drink 32 ounces of water within 5 minutes of waking up. Water is life! 2| Consume a shot of espresso or small coffee. Having a Nespresso machine has changed my life in the morning, and allows me to snag a quick and delicious caffeine boost as a zip out the door. 3| Sweat session and more water. I consume another 32 oz of water during workout. Stay hydrated my friends. (My husband and I take turns watching kids and working out just about every morning; I take the 5/5:30 AM fitness slot, and he goes after. Post work workouts are not an option in this season of life, plus I love starting my day this way). 4| Eat. I eat a half a banana and almond butter for immediate post workout quick carbs and fat, and I also make a macronutrient friendly protein shake (where the other half of the bananas usually goes) or egg situation to consume on the go. 5| Shower and primp. My mornings always have my little people in tow, which requires me to join in on their imagination game of the day; we’re in a strong “flying on an airplane” phase. 6| Matcha making, kiss babies and baby daddy, and GO!

NOTE: I do NOT check my phone/email/instagram until my morning routine is on lock. I don’t want anyone else’s thoughts or agenda to “impact my grinding”, as Beyoncé says.

Bonus items, that make me feel Extra Fab if I’m able to squeeze these in too: + Listen to a great podcast on the way into work + Set a daily intention + Apply bold lipstick

What’s in your morning lineup?

xx, Danielle

Cheers to matcha mornings!

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