Don't stay in a career or job you don't love. Get the no bullsh*t roadmap, tactics and tools to dial in your purpose and personal marketing materials, get career clarity, create career advocates, arm yourself with negotiation strategies that pay, and land a job you love.

The Unstuck Your Career Bootcamp was created for the busy working woman—because you don't need a lot of time to #GetUnstuck, you just need to be armed with the right resources and mindsets (I got you covered).

Danielle Vardaro

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Proud Working Mom. Aviation Exec. Career Advocate. Speaker.

"I've distilled everything I've learned, and everything I used to land my dream job after getting laid off in a pandemic, into this 4 week bootcamp, and I want you to have it. Because well-resourced women are a force and damnit, we need to close the gender pay gap."


One More Thing..

You don't need a lot of time to make a change. I've been there, and I've pressure tested these tactics & tools as a busy, high-impact working woman & mom, and they work.

Wait…is the Unstuck Your Career Bootcamp for me?

This Bootcamp is for You IF:

  • You’re in a job/career that you don't love and you don’t know how to get unstuck


  • You’re sick of playing small with your life and your talents


  • You’re a busy working woman who doesn’t have time to waste, but you want/need affordable, no bullsh*t tactics & tools that will help you find a job you loVe while you live your life


  • You dread going to work

  • You want more out of your career, but you’re not sure what that looks like or what to do

  • If asked, you can’t articulate what your dream job or ideal work-lIfe setup is

  • You’re a working mom who’s in a job that isn’t worth the time that it takes you away from your kids

  • You’re showing up as a different person at work versus at home, and it’s exhausting and you're over it

  • You’re not getting paid what you deserve

  • You’re sick of just going through the motions at work

  • You want purpose and career clarity

Okay, okay, what's included?

  • 4 live zoom coaching sessions ($600)

  • Personalized coaching on how to use the Branding Bundle, 4 S's Framework & Ikigai Framework ($225)

  • Digital & LinkedIn audit ($150)

  • Weekly office hours ($200)

  • 4 modules packed with everything you need to get career clarity, dial in your purpose and personal marketing material, and to get unstuck ($400)

  • Recruiter/Hiring Manager insights on negotiating your best offer ($250+)


  • + #GetUnstuck® Mindset Training & ikigai mastery

  • + Tools to maximize your network and create advocates

  • + Negotiation strategies and phrases that pay

  • + No bullsh*t tactics, tools and templates that maximize your time and impact, and work for you

  • + Your biggest career champion & hype woman cheering you on along the way

  • = PRICELE$$

TOTAL VALUE: $2,825+



You're in the right place.
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Hey Ladies,

I've spent 14+ years in Corporate America, in various leadership positions across Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Program Management functions, advancing relationships with a global network of colleagues and customers, and over 18 years participating in professional societies and conferences around the world. I've successfully negotiated every new job opportunity, flexible work arrangement, large multi-million dollar airplane deal, and just about every life opportunity I get, and I know the importance of sound negotiation skills and how to use them. 


Also, in 2020 when I was laid off due to COVID-19, I had the privilege of gaining access to 4 months of professional Outplacement Services, HR Consulting and Talent Management Coaching as part of my severance package, which I used to the fullest. And lastly, as a self-improvement junkie and someone who loves learning, I've invested thousands of hours and dollars building high impact life skills and absorbing material to help me level up in all areas of my life (so you don't have to!), and I've pressure tested what works for the busy working woman and I want to share it.

I am now the Head of Worldwide Customer Support & Aftermarket Sales for Embraer, where I manage a global team, deliver best-in-class support and services to our worldwide fleet of airplanes, grow relationships with our airline customers, and sell solutions that overdeliver on value.

In short: I'm certain that others can benefit from what I know and what I've learned.

xx, Danielle