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A bottle of 1996 Dom Pérignon Rosé changed my

relationship with wine forever. I fell in love with CHAMPAGNE.

A bottle of 1996 Dom Pérignon Rosé changed my relationship with wine forever. It was my epiphany wine moment, and it was transformative — if you've had one of these moments you know exactly what I'm talking about. It stopped me mid-sip as if to say "hey, listen up, you're about to be a lot different after you drink this", and honestly I was and still am. I fell in love with champagne in that moment, and my love, adoration and respect for all things champagne continues to grow with each and every glass.

I was always "into wine", and the nerdy-ness of it (or so I thought, but little did I know, this was just the beginning), and after that experience in my glass, I felt compelled to learn more about it all, and especially more about sparkling wine. This catapulted me into the world of wine by way of pursuing a more formalized wine education — I was already living with a Somm, and around so much wine all the time already, it was time to elevate my street cred.


I signed up for WSET. I studied hard, excelled in class, and learned a boatload in the tasting room environment — I loved (still do) the brown-bag blind tasting practice sessions we would organize around kitchen tables with fellow wine nerds and enthusiasts - and I passed Level 2 and then Level 3 with distinction, and crushed my last exam when I was 3 weeks pregnant.


Everyday is a day worth celebrating. Live like it.


The OG



Before babies, I used to consume bubbles the most alongside my babelicious girlfriends. And when these two came around, they quickly became the main Babes. Nowadays a Bubbles Date sometimes refers to bath time and sometimes to Mommy Time (and sometimes both *wink*), and my life will always be full of all the babes. The OG meaning of Bubbles & Babes has evolved over time in all the best ways, and I wouldn’t change a thing.


Bubbles & Babes officially, organically evolved into this “thing” during an eventful and serendipitous collision of happenings going on in my life back in 2016. At the time, I was completing my WSET Level 3 studies, exam and certification while pregnant, while accepting the fact that I would be champagne-less for 9+ months, while growing SURPRISE! twin baby boys, and ultimately trying to figure out what the hell that even meant for my life and how to prepare for it. It was enough of a crazy combination of both really important and seemingly out-of-my-league things, that I decided I definitely needed to talk about all of this, and ultimately share it.  


I had bubbles as my inspiration and my twin babies as my muses, and just like that @BubblesAndBabes was born. 

Now is always the best "special occasion" to pop a literal or figurative bottle of bubbles.

Live your best life, drink more


I love champagne and everything it stands for.


For starters, have you ever consumed a glass of bubbles when you weren’t celebrating something? Probably not. Also, isn’t it great to know that such an exceptional slice of luxury is as accessible and affordable as champagne is? Exactly. And don’t you enjoy that just one glass can coax out that feminine, classy, fabulous, carefree, invincible goddess that you are? Me too.


There's just so much to love about it.

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Here are some *fast facts about champagne that you should know about:


  • Champagne is a type of sparkling wine that comes from the tightly regulated region in France called champagne; everything else bubbly is just sparkling wine.

  • Boss businesswoman Madame Clicquot created the first single-vintage champagne in 1810.

  • Marilyn Monroe took a bath in champagne using 350 bottles of champagne.

  • In a 750ml bottle of champagne, there are 49 million bubbles.

  • One of the most lavish bottles of champagne costs $2.07 Million Dollars.

  • Methode Champenoise is the traditional method by which champagne is produced, and is believed to make the highest-quality, longest lasting, most complex sparkling wines in the world.

  • The process required to make champagne is generally regarded as the most expensive, time-consuming and labor intensive of all wine production processes.

  • Grower champagne is where it’s at.

  • If you want to live your best life, drink more champagne.

*And for more Champagne Campaign ramblings, click here.


Okay, I made up those last two “facts”. But I have to say that grower champagne is where it's at, and I do feel like I’m living my best life when I’m thinking about my next bottle of champagne or sipping it. It’s an experience. And it instantly makes me feel fabulous. 


Now, while I may be partial to champagne, I do love the sparkling wine category in general, especially bubbles bottles produced using the traditional method. This should not be a surprise, as you know by now that I like my wine like I like to live my life: A little Extra. Bubbles are essentially synonymous with a glamorously good time, and I love a good time. 


I live by the idea that there are #ChampagneMoments, aka moments worth celebrating, everyday, you just have to look for them. Remember: Now is always the best "special occasion" to pop a literal or figurative bottle of bubbles, and I hope you’re encouraged to do the same.



xx, Danielle

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