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proud working mom in aviation | champagne lover

I feel best when I start my morning with good coffee or matcha, a solid sweat session and a bold lipstick. I would like to add meditation to the morning routine lineup, but I have toddlers. Instead I try to set a daily intention on the ride into work before I turn on a podcast – which is the best busy person brain food IMO – because the days of reading an actual book are reserved for vacations and fantasy.


I’m married to my best friend and partner in crime (hot guy on the right). He’s a sommelier, Superdad, farm boy at heart, and is always up for an adventure and a good time — and yes, he’ll bring the wine. 

We now live in the greater Boston area (moved home to be closer to our family) with our twin boy toddlers, Xander & Vance, after 10 glorious years of Pacific Northwest living in Seattle – where we met, lived large, got married, made some of the best damn friends we could ever ask for, and had twins. The west coast is a gem, and was very very good to us.

I’m certain that being a mom is the best and hardest thing ever. And the only way to survive and thrive is to prioritize and nurture one's family-friends tribe, because it takes a village.

I strongly believe in whole-assing everything, because life is short. And I apply this mentality to all aspects of my life including, but not limited to: vacation planning, running a meeting, travel, spreadsheets, hosting a party, friendships, and wellness.

Speaking of wellness, I’m fascinated with how fitness and dialed in nutrition makes me feel, and especially how it helps me perform optimally in life, despite life’s curve balls and daily derailments. I’ve always considered myself “healthy” (recovering college athlete here), but it took a cancer scare in 2013 (all clear!) that caused me to upgrade my entire mindset around food and health, and I’ve never felt better. Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe in indulging in life’s pleasures and balance (I don’t eat organic everything all the time, and I do eat carbs and chocolate every day, and I do make a mean margarita) — but I wholeheartedly believe in the power of food as fuel and medicine.


I’m in constant pursuit of being the best Boss Lady I can be in all aspects of my life, in all seasons of life, (while giving myself enough grace…you know, because momming and adulting is no joke), while elevating the other Boss Ladies around me. We need a lot more of us out there, and we need to champion each other as we rise, and especially when we fall. I believe there’s enough success out there for all of us, and that we are truly stronger together.

My current life goal: I want to make an impact, be a good person and raise good humans.

I love sharing experiences and things I’m passionate about that improve the experiences and lives of others. Which is ultimately why I created this space.

It will run the gamut of topics, with tips and tricks and #MomHacks and musings, and many WTF and Champagne Moments, and everything in between (PSA: we all need more #ChampagneMoments).

I hope it’s helpful and entertaining. And I hope it reminds you to put your oxygen mask on first (life mantra). I hope it also serves as a friendly reminder that we’re all out here trying to live our best lives, running on whatever hours of sleep our little people allowed, while trying to not walk into a board meeting with too many stickers on our asses.

Thanks for joining me.


xx, Danielle

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