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Mama Margarita Time

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

“Make it a double” I whispered to myself.

We’ve spent basically the last 11 months of weekends house hunting. And I’m effing over it. So today, after another unsuccessful day out on the hunt, instead of b*tching about our continued transient state of being, I started happy hour early.

Raise your hand if you’re also on the early happy hour wavelength, and if your hand is up, join me! (my #MamaMargarita recipe below).

Plus it’s the first 70* day in Boston (!), and the boys were the cutest they’ve ever been today, and tequila makes everything better – it’s science.

*Mama Margarita:

  1. Double shot of tequila (this mama prefers reposado, but whatever-your-pleasure will do)

  2. Single shot of Grand Marnier

  3. Half an orange (note: you can also sub pineapple juice here; add more juice if you prefer the taste less spirit forward)

  4. Couple slices of lime (plus more to taste)

  5. Pour booze and squeezed fruit over rocks, add salt if you desire

  6. Optional: Add agave to tast

  7. Stir/shake, sip, and repeat as needed

*NOTE: If you want this to taste more "restaurant marg" vs. "give me all the tequila", make sure to add a natural sweetener (I prefer agave; honey and simple syrup also works), AND keep your tequila-to-juice ratio at least 1:1 (more juice if you want a more mild taste).

xx, Danielle

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