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The Year of the Beach & The Selfie

10 Things I'm taking with me in 2021.

I didn’t take enough selfies this year.


I truly believe that the selfie is one of the (only?) things I could really control this year (well kind of...I have toddlers), and I took full advantage of it, per usual. I believe that the selfie is a small gift that keeps on giving, regardless of what my little family thinks about them 😉 and I believe it helped my mindset during this imperfect rollercoaster of a year — It offered us an outlet to be silly and squish my favorite people into a frame and capture one of the many (sometimes too many) moments we shared together.

As I think about the mindset(s) that got me through this year, I can’t help but start to put together the mindsets that I want to take with me into 2021 and beyond. Some of which will be carried over. Here are a few mindsets and things of importance that I learned this year that will stick:

  1. The beach is my happy place. I place where I can always reset and find refuge, even in times of complete insanity, and I will always need to live near the ocean. Did you have "a beach" this year?

  2. I want to continue to be purposeful with everything; my time, my health, my money, my energy and my happiness. Hello, "Purposeful", word-of-the-year, you truly have been a delightful constant.

  3. Ruthless prioritization. This year really shook us up. I’ve never felt more aligned with what’s most important to me, and those things will always be top of mind & top of the priority list.

  4. Slowing down is the new black. Super happy about this.

  5. Grateful for all the routines that helped me thrive — especially my morning routine, and getting dressed everyday as if I was going into the office — I plan on keeping some, and adjusting as needed.

  6. My mindset around fitness and health as key pillars in my life continues.

  7. Home has taken on a whole new meaning. I will never take it for granted again.

  8. Relationships are everything. Treat the good ones like gold.

  9. Haves > Have-Nots; Less is more. Simplicity over everything.

  10. It is entirely possible to live your Champagne Life in any and all seasons, especially the toughest ones.

So, What are YOU taking with you in 2021? And: What are you leaving behind?

These are two of the most important questions I ask myself at the end of every year. I think you should do the same.

Bonus q: How many selfie’s do you think you took this year? Mine were at an all time high, simply because I didn’t want anyone to touch my phone (can't wait for that to change)!

Here’s to the selfie, and all the things we’re going to take with us (and not!) in 2021!!!

xx, Danielle

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