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12 Quick Feel Good Working-from-Home-with-Kids Hacks

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

That working-momming-teaching-quarantine life is no joke. But all you need is 5-10 minutes to do something that is guaranteed to upgrade your vibe.

Hey guuurl, heyyy!

Xander and Vance want you to listen up real quick, and they want you know that they empathize with us all right now on how hard it is to be working, momming, keeping it together, trying not to worry too much or to get sucked into the (bad) news spiral, all while you’re trying to avoid drowning in a bottle of bubbles (kind of sounds fun though doesn’t it?!). Also, we want you to know that there are still countless ways for us #MotherHustlers to take just a few minutes and do something that makes us feel good while we marinate in homeschool-working-parenting madness: As such, here’s my list of things to do that are guaranteed to recharge and enliven your day and make you feel good, and they only take 5-10 mins:

  1. Get dressed and put on makeup like your productivity depends on it. Dress how you want to feel, so that every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, your reflection reminds you that you're here to make big things happen.

  2. Light a candle in your working-from-home space.

  3. Make your bed.

  4. Make a fancy coffee/matcha, like a golden latte or or oatmilk misto; add Ashwaganda, cinnamon, dates, honey, turmeric, or any another adaptogen and froth it up with some coconut milk or oatmilk. Froth it up with a Vitamix or this $13 Zulay Milk Frother that I use when I need a quick mix.

  5. Drink any and all liquids out of a fancy glass; Like a legit crystal goblet or wine glass like the queen you are. Haven't used those fancy champagne flutes since your wedding day? Bust them out.

  6. Schedule daily 5-10 minute FaceTime sanity check-ins with people who get you, or just randomly call them. Connection with people in realtime is so important, especially now.

  7. Skip the hair wash, and use dry shampoo; Use the “extra time” to do something that makes you happy. I love Batiste, and it's available on Amazon Prime.

  8. Oil train your hair. So, skip the hair wash again, and hold off on washing it for longer; aka don’t wash your hair for 3-5 day+ stints, or a day beyond when dry shampoo can save you, and embrace the mom bun.

  9. Take a 10 minute creative timeout; Journal, paint, meditate, think, or make a list of things that bring you joy, things you’re grateful for today, places you want to teleport to now, your favorite restaurants/fast food bites, or write the guest list and menu for the dinner party you wish you could throw Friday night.

  10. Acquire really good chocolate/tea/coffee/wine/truffle salt/insert-decadent-splurge-here, and savor it during your next legit #MommyTimeout.

  11. Make cookie dough with your kids for later baking.

  12. Blast a good beat, and throw an impromptu dance party. I recommend anything from Dua Lipa, Naughty by Nature, BlackPink, No Doubt, Salt-N-Pepa 🎶

We’ve got this ladies. Moms are superheroes, and it’s time we start earning our “crushed the pandemic of 2020” badge.

xx, Danielle

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