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10 Ways to Re-Charge, Reset & Un-Funk Yourself

Live your best life. Eat the donut.

The message of the day from Xander & Vance is to always remember to Treat Yoself

Life can get pretty crazy. It can feel overwhelming and also like such a damn grind sometimes. And when it starts to feel like that, it’s time to do something about it and literally carve out some time on your calendar for a recharge and/or #MommyTimeout.

Today I myself made time to talk to two of my bfs/rockstar working mamas, and I scheduled a massage and a coffee date with a girlfriend so that I have some confirmed me time on the good old gcal to look forward to.

Here are some things I consistently do to ensure that I’m making time for me in the madness, that you might consider doing too:

  1. Schedule a time to call a good friend and catch up

  2. Make a mani/pedi date

  3. Schedule a spa service

  4. Block out lunch and coffee date time on my work calendar with people who rock and who get me

  5. Plan and prepare for a mental health day

  6. Take myself out on a solo date for an impromptu coffee or lunch during the workday

  7. Request and reserve a bottle of Champagne with my resident sommelier (husband), and pencil in calendar time to slow down enough to open, analyze and consume it

  8. Make a connection with someone new, and take them out for coffee

  9. Pick a day in the crazy workweek to surprise my family with an out-to-dinner date excursion

  10. Go out of my way to procure and consume an epic *donut with my little people (*or insert alternative delicious/sinful treat here)

What do you do to recharge or to un-funk yourself, and to make sure you’re living your best life?

xx, Danielle

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