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11 Quarantine Blessings & a Boatload of Gratitude

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to be the mom to these two.

They are the best little bowling balls, full of love, kindness, curiosity and adventure (with a strong touch of untamable wildness), and they literally make me a better human every day.

I know all of that is a big reason why this whole parenting thing makes us moms and dads feel so many things all of the time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving while keeping you honest. Being a parent forces you to reconcile all the things you might not like about yourself and/or the things that are getting in your way, because those attributes will innately come out in your parenting style and influence your offspring. So you get a nice reflection of what you want to work on and celebrate when your kid starts to act like you 😉 Because let’s face it, nothing in this world compels you to be the best you can be more than your little people — who walk around with a big piece of your heart.

I’ve reached the part of quarantine where the blessings of my new life are vivid and incredible — this is like level 5, for those also on this journey. And for most, you get to it after you complete a flavor of the following phases: shock and awe, anger, wild acceptance which includes excessive partying like your-twenty-something-rockstar-kidless self, insanity, and apathy mixed with “my enough is more than enough”.

I’m grateful to be at this phase where I can truly appreciate some of the stuff that’s now part of our daily life:

  1. Our combined morning routines

  2. #FancyFridays, and#Fancy (insert every day of the week here), because our littles ask to dress themselves in bow ties, belts, suspenders and cologne, so we do it with enthusiasm (even if it’s every day)

  3. Shared lunch dates

  4. Making family lunch, vs. packing toddler lunchboxes

  5. Pre-nap story time with mama

  6. Interrupted work meetings with “I love you mamas” and snuggles

  7. The post-nap calm and QT

  8. Impromptu dance parties

  9. Fancy afternoon coffee

  10. Continuously exceeding my baking and cooking goals (and skills!)

  11. Zero commute

What have you finally accepted in this whirlwind, that you’re now grateful for?

xx, Danielle

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