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2021: Season to Taste

A look back, a personal check-in and then let's level up.

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What do you need more of? What do you need less of?

These are two of the most important questions I ask myself when I need a refresh, restart, and/or a reset. Sometimes I write down my answers in my journal, and sometimes I just take a mommy-timeout and ask myself. And then, and this is the key part, I actually listen to myself and do/not-do the things. I highly recommend this process.

2020 was a doozy for all of us, but no matter what version you choose to remember, most of us left that year feeling like we had a better handle on what we truly cared about, and what we wanted more of (hugs, toasts, dance parties, great leaders, real change) and less of (zoom calls, hand sanitizer, political and social drama, temper tantrums...that last one might only pertain to parents with threenagers)...while some things might take a bit to return or transform to where we would like them, we can at least choose to dwell in the things that continue to bring us joy, cash in on all the lessons last year gifted us, and ruthlessly prioritize the things and people that truly matter to us as we crush this year as an older and wiser version of ourselves.

The best is yet to come, I can feel it.

One of the things I love most about fresh starts is that you can create them any time you want. Tomorrow, Monday morning, Thursday afternoon, January 1st, after you finish that thing, next week, at 9 AMchoose your own adventure. I personally love new years because I consider them a perfect time for a big inflection point: a look back, a personal check-in and a level up.

Given all the lessons, and (re)calibration and hardening of priorities from last year, I for one was pumped to take what I learned and dial in my focus, goals and intentions so that I could come out of the gate ready to rock this new year.

Also, given the unpredictability from last year, I was less interested (enthused) about creating aggressive goals that could be easily derailed by the unknowns of the state of the world (hello, where is my vaccine so I can get on a plane and transport my fine @$$ to the long overdue beach vacation of my dreams?!), so instead I focused mostly on making goals that made sense for me given the times, and more on intentions and ways in which I could mix up a recipe for this year that I would be proud to consume throughout, and one that I could season to taste as things changed.

As such, I set way more intentions than goals this year, and the goals I did set were much more near term with allowances for quarterly check-ins and reevaluations (of course I have the big 5-10 year big goals, because we gotta think big if we're going to continue to do big things, ya feel me?!). The way I see it, the intentions I set this year are the ingredients I'm going to rely on to make this year a complete success for me, regardless of what unfolds.

Here are the big ones:

  1. Put all the lessons, habits, routines, and mindsets from what I learned last year into effect, and do it with purpose and power (=work/elapsed time).

  2. Do not let my ambition distract me from, or be more important than, my current state of happiness or my desire and ability to be present.

  3. Trust myself enough to honor every commitment I make to myself.

  4. Respect the season of life that I'm in and adjust priorities and routines accordingly.

  5. Prioritize the thing that allow me and my family to live our best life, and say no to anything that's not that.

  6. Choose activities and teachings that allow me to continue to grow into a more actualized version of myself, and show up authentically everywhere.

  7. Be the leader whom wesociety, our children, the present and future generations, and myselfare looking for. Be the change.

  8. Leverage every platform that I'm privileged enough to stand on to make a positive impact.

  9. Nurture and grow my relationships with intention, and stop feeling bad about the time I don't have.

  10. Consistently elevate people, the environment and anything I interact with and/or have the ability to influence.

  11. Be unapologetically multi-passionate.

  12. Be Extra, in a way that allows others to be encouraged to let their Extra and uniqueness shine too.

  13. Leave every room, having made the people and things in it better because I was there.

  14. Empower, promote, motivate and resource women with the tools, mindsets and learnings that are also helping me level up and live my best life.

  15. Adopt the routines, habits, behaviors and ways of being of the people living the life I want to live, and of the life I desire for my future self.

  16. Continue to respect, value and prioritize slowing down.

  17. Make time to think.

  18. Read, write and learn daily.

  19. Create more than I consume.

  20. Love life loudly.

  21. Celebrate everyday.

What are the key ingredients that make you, YOU?

For me, I know that whatever kind of year unfolds, if I stick to using the ingredients above, I'm guaranteed to make myself one helluva 2021 soufflé.


xx, Danielle

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