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38 Affirmations for Women Who Know Their Value

I Love Myself.

Photo by Dee @ThruDeezLens | Palm Springs Goddess Weekend

It’s my birthday month. Yes, MONTH. 

PS: If you are not yet celebrating your day of birth all month long, you are missing out.

I live for a reason to celebrate and pop more Champagne, and when November rolls around, it’s on. I love to have a good time, and I love it when others can join in on the fun and have a good time with me, SO I wrote out some affirmations that always do me right, and I want to gift them to you as well, because what’s a month-long party without some gifts we can all indulge in? 



  1. I love my body, and the story it tells.

  2. I love the exceptional life I’m creating.

  3. I am ready.

  4. I see all challenges and failures as opportunities to learn, grow and to be a better version of myself.

  5. I am making a positive impact on the world.

  6. I can do hard things.

  7. I believe in myself and my potential for greatness.

  8. I know that the consistent efforts I make every single day are moving me closer to my goals and dreams.

  9. I am the CEO of my life.

  10. I am a strong, resilient, Badass B.

  11. I have many exceptional talents to share, and I will use them.

  12. I am my own Superhero.

  13. I never compare myself to others because I am in a league of my own.

  14. I consistently consume foods, thoughts and feelings that bless, energize and fuel my mind, body and soul.

  15. I am becoming the best version of myself.

  16. I am unstoppable when I put my mind to something.

  17. I am the leader we’ve been waiting for.

  18. I am a limited edition of one, and no one can do me like I can do me.

  19. I am constantly evolving and leveling up.

  20. I am actualizing my full potential.

  21. I am proud of myself.

  22. I am whole, with all the messy and imperfect parts that add to the depth of my wholeness.

  23. I am my own beauty standard.

  24. I know what I want, and I ask for it.

  25. I am in tune with my needs, and I trust my intuition.

  26. I am a great decision maker and I do not need approval from others to take action.

  27. I am in control of my happiness.

  28. I am a game changer with high standards and big expectations.

  29. I am living my best life.

  30. I am fierce, and I am feeling myself — my look, my attitude, my whole vibe.

  31. I am flawless.

  32. I am a hustler and I do big things.

  33. “I dream it, I work it, I grind ‘til I own it.” -Beyonce 

  34. I am (insert your power word of the moment), and I will (insert the thing that you’re about to slay).

  35. I am living in abundance and I have everything I need.

  36. I celebrate my life everyday.

  37. I deserve the best.

  38. I love myself.

Cheers to us!

xx, Danielle

For more tips and tricks for the Modern Day Working Woman, and ways to live your best life while actualizing your full potential, follow Danielle @BubblesandBabes.


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