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4 Non-Dairy Creamers to Try in Your Java Today

Non-dairy creamer.

Almond-Coconut Cream and Nespresso morning magic.

I never dreamed of being a person to share thoughts about this subject…but to be honest, I also never imagined I’d be sharing my ramblings as a mom of twins, so here we are — Let’s all embrace our unique evolutions and growth areas shall we?

For starters: I am a #CoffeeSnob.

Also, I was never a black coffee drinker either. I love the occasional high maintenance latte order – non-fat, extra hot, light foam, 2 pumps SF something – for a long time, and still do on occasion.

Cut to post pregnancy when sleep deprivation led to all the coffee consumption, and I realized I needed a mega detox (I love a good #ViceDetox). And then when I reintroduced it with my normal milk and occasional cream, my body was not having it. So I panicked, and then started to incorporate a healthy obsession with matcha while I figured out my complicated relationship with coffee.

First: Guys, I LOVE coffee. I lived in Seattle for 10 years, and I earned my coffee snob badge proudly.

At one point we had 6 different ways to brew the perfect cup: Chemex, Bialetti, FrenchPress, Nespresso, Breville espresso maker, and a 12-cup automatic drip machine. We now have 4, and mostly just use the French Press and Nespresso machine on the daily.

So when I discovered something wasn’t working I got to work on my likes and dislikes. This started with trying things black, which meant espresso and hipster as f*ck high end beans (Cafe Vita, Intelligentsia, Stumptown, Milstead varietals, Storyville, Nespresso blends etc…). Also, a Whole30 stint in early 2019 catapulted me into the no/low sugar/no flavor coffee cup pref, as it did wonders for recalibrating my sugar sensitivities and attention to flavors.

I now prefer a delicate, full flavored medium roast, sometimes black and sometimes with non-dairy creamer (and yes, on occasion I do add dairy).

Here are my preferred non-dairy creamers, that don’t alter the flavor too significantly, which says a lot for someone who dislikes the taste of just almond milk in her coffee:

1| @NutPods – Coconut Cream-Almond Milk blend; French Vanilla flavor, Whole30 approved.

2| @CalifiaFarms – Almond-Coconut Milk blend; Vanilla flavor.

3| @So_Delicious – Coconut Milk; French Vanilla flavor.

4| @Oatly – Oat Milk; Original, Low-Fat & Barista blend.

Do you have a favorite #Hipster coffee?! Or favorite brew? ☕️

xx, Danielle

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