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8 Health-Saving Traveling Diva Tips

O. EM.G. Getting sick on a work trip is the worst!

When I arrived at my destination I couldn’t smell or taste, and I was all congested. And I still had to execute some major meetings and critical customer discussions, and absolutely had to be on my A-Game at all times. SO I immediately went into my get-well-asap recovery mode, and by day two things started to improve.

Here are my quintessential health-saving Traveling Diva Working Mom tips that I always turn to: 1| Find the nearest smoothie/juice bar. Consume their wellness shots, green drinks, and nutrient packed smoothie bowls (swipe right for delicious examples). 2| Drink a ton of water. 3|*No alcohol. 4| Limit sugar. Except from fruit. 5| Sleep. Try to get as much sleep as possible, so get your work sh*t done, and call it an early night (sorry, no team nightcaps for you). 5| Skip coffee, and push green tea. I’m a huge matcha latte fan (provides caffeine but in a much more even/digestible way); try to find a coffee shop or juice bar that makes it with immune and brain boosting adaptogens and adders, like ashwagandha and honey. Plan B: find a Starbucks and double-bag their green tea in water or nut milk (PSA: matcha from Starbucks is cut with sugar, and is not the real deal). 6| Use a neti-pot. Use one at least in the am and before bed, and throughout day if you can squeeze it in. It truly does speed recovery and provides relief. I had the foresight to travel with one, but these are cheap and easy to acquire at any local pharmacy. 7| Take vitamins. I take a multi vitamin on the reg, but I also add Zinc, Echinacea, Vitamin C and a B-Complex to the vitamin lineup when I feel a cold coming on, and take them daily. Fresh pressed OJ is preferred, because live enzymes and nutrients aren’t destroyed in pasteurization. 8| Hit the gym in the am. My workout-when-sick rule: above the neck you can workout; below the neck, don’t. Doesn’t have to be orange-theory like intensity, but I find even light cardio or lifting helps keep my lymphatic system moving and gives me a little boost of energy. 9| *Drink a hot toddy (the kind with the double-bag of herbal tea). Whiskey is a great decongestant and alcohol/other ingredients helps the body process the infection and ease symptoms.

Organic cold pressed juice saves the day every time.

What works for you?

xx, Danielle

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