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8 Tips to Live Large on Business Travel and Avoid the Hangover

I love this kind of #BubblesBreak, especially on work trips with a view. It’s light, refreshing & always makes me feel fabulous.

When I travel for work I find that it’s easy to get sucked into the fast lane of boozing, eating all the things, and staying out too late to socialize, because #expenseaccounts and #YOLO, but in this season of life that style of business travel no longer serves me. I’m a working mom and a #BusinessWoman, and I don’t have time for hangovers…so instead I do the following, which still makes me feel like I’m living up to #TheTravelingDiva lifestyle I aspire to have on the reg:

1| When it’s booze time, I grab a fabulous glass or two of something exceptional, even if it’s pricier, and I sip it slow. 2| Consume all non-alc bevs in fab stemware (yes, I’m the gal who drinks water in a Bordeaux glass), which helps you feel included in those long, late night business dinners without getting too sloshed and feeling like crap in the morning. 3| I choose hotels in superb locations (walking distance to the good stuff) with good gyms (my daily am sweat is the key to travel success and combating jet lag). 4| I do a bit of pre-visit research on “The Thing To Do/Eat/See”, so that even on the busiest work trips I have a unique experience. 5| Consume an insane amount of water; it’s the best way to feel good and combat travel exhaustion. 6| Find the best local coffee shop (or chocolate shop if you’re in Switzerland 😉) and ask them for a rec; People who are exceptional at their craft – coffee, chocolate, beer, cheese, creators of delicious and fabulous things – often know exactly where to direct you for the other “best non-touristy thing”. 7| Walk everywhere. You see more, discover more and experience so much more of the authentic-ness of a place, and it’s good exercise 8| I say no. Work trips are full of very long, very high impact days and they can be exhausting. It’s a delicate balance to manage social engagements, to build relationships and to be a team player, and when you need to bow out and call it a night. Listen to your needs, there’s always tomorrow.

And with that, I’m off to stroll the streets of Tampere and grab a bite & a fab cocktail with a view – Kippis!

xx, Danielle

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