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A Love Letter to All the Mamas.

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Dear Mamas, I see you.

Dear Mamas,

I hope your coffee is strong.  I hope whatever work you do alongside your momming fills your cup.  I hope you laugh a lot.  I hope you have many Champagne moments.  I hope you always prioritize your health (mental and physical).  I hope you make time for intimacy.  I hope you have a hobby.  I hope you give yourself grace.  I hope your tears are for joy, and when they’re not I hope what’s causing them doesn’t last long.  I hope you slow down, at least enough to not miss the things that you truly care about.  I hope you ask for help.  I hope you find and cultivate your tribe, and if you don’t I hope you create one. I hope you listen to you intuition.  I hope you dream big; too-embarrassing-to-say-out-loud, Big.  I hope you make time for friends.  I hope you make time for yourself.  I hope you continue to tell yourself how proud you are of yourself and the life you’ve created.  I hope you experience many small moments of joy, which after all are the big moments that really matter.  I hope you forgive yourself.  I hope you let mom guilt only last a moment.  I hope you always ask for what you need.  I hope you stop comparing yourself to others.  I hope you let all the moments of challenge and failure fuel you and redirect you to where and who you want and need to be.  I hope you share your stories, and especially your struggles. I hope you love your life loudly, and with reckless abandon. I hope you never forget how strong, capable and exceptional you are in all (sleepless and impossible) seasons of life. 

And I hope you know you’re worth it, and that you’re doing a great job.

With love,  A Fellow Mom-In-Progress #MomLife

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