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Always Be Prepared; the Camping Edition.

The Ultimate Packing List for Family Camping

Ahhh Camp Life.

One minute you’re relaxing while reading your favorite foodie magazine, sipping Champagne and gazing longingly at the rack of lamb on the campfire, and the next you’re making a game time decision to pack up camp in the dark because the weather forecast says Hurricane Laura is about to rock your world (aka thunderstorms and lightening starting at 4 AM through the entire day).

It’s not easy admitting you have to pull the plug, change directions, and/or reevaluate things (I’m no quitter!), but sometimes you have no choice but to accept it and redirect. Seems like the theme of this year to be honest.

Always expect the unexpected, and be adaptable.

This is the first piece of advice I dropped on my guest blog post on the #ManagingMotherhood series, and let me tell you, it’s tested on me nearly everyday!

Sidebar: have you been following this series of badass working moms? Maria from @confessions_of_a_corporate_mom unleashes a new badass mama, and a slice of her motherhood journey every Monday! Get into it.

In light of today’s theme — also known as: prepare for anything — I wanted to share my ultimate Camping List, for things you might not think to pack, that you will likely be thankful that you have handy.

Here goes:

  1. Yetis, for all your hot and cold adult bevies

  2. All the baby wipes.

  3. Tequila. Trust me.

  4. Ambiance lighting...we brought camp-friendly string lights that were perfect (solar powered: MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights), and rechargeable lanterns (LE LED Camping Rechargeable Lantern).

  5. Rain gear. Always.

  6. Carabiners. You never know what you might need to hook together, especially for hands-free transit.

  7. Shower sandals.

  8. Gourmet chocolate for s’mores. Highly recommend a gourmet s'mores fire-off; think: peanut butter and caramels and different cookies like speculoos!

  9. An outdoor adventure kit for the kiddos. Nana & Papa snagged this one, and the boys barely took it off.

  10. Cold brew.

  11. A waterproof portable speaker.

  12. Charging bank; Bonus if it’s solar charged! I did a ton of research, and can't endorse this one enough: Hiluckey Solar Charger 26800mAh, Wireless Portable Charger; Just know that a panel this small is not going to recharge to full power, but it will keep it at a healthy level if left in direct sunlight consistently.

  13. Headlamps for everyone.

  14. Buckets and shovels. There's always a hole to dig.

  15. Ingredients for high-low/high-high dinner pairings, even if it’s all pre-made. May I suggest: Rack of lamb and red table wine, pizza and badass Barolo, Champagne and potato chips, hot dogs and hipster beer, vintage port and s'mores, cold brew and oatmeal etc...

  16. A flashy fanny pack. Hands free baby!

  17. Champagne (or your celebratory bubbles equivalent).

  18. Your sense of humor and a boatload of patience. Do NOT leave this at home.

What would you add to ensure that you are prepared for anything?!

xx, Danielle

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