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Breakfast Waves & The Perfect Beach Bag List

10 Must-Pack Items for You Next Family Beach Day

The early bird catches the breakfast waves.

Ahhh, 2020 Summer of The Beach, we love you.

We’ve lived at the beach this summer. And we get there so early — because you have to so that you can actually get in, since it’s such a popular and safe-enough attraction that fills up quickly — that we’re able to eat our breakfast there. It’s awesome. So my husband, surfer, has taught the boys that we have to hustle out the door in the morning so that we can catch the#BreakfastWaves which works quite perfectly for our 5/5:30 AM start household.

But how do you prepare for a beach day with toddlers?

Trick question...carefully and with a lot of snacks.

If you’ve read my blog post on Maria’s blog (@confessions_of_a_corporate_mom) from this month — first of all, thank you, if not yet click here — then you already know how I might answer this, from my first tip in the write-up: 1. “Expect the unexpected, and be adaptable”

But in case you need a little extra help on the literal list front, guuurl I’ve got you covered. Since this is the Summer of The Beach for our family of four, I decided it was time to unleash my Ultimate Beach Day with Toddlers Packing List.

Here’s what we never leave home without:

  • Collapsible wagon, which will house everything to/from car

  • Bungee cords

  • Sportbrella or Vendor Tent (sometimes we bring both)

  • “Orange screw” ground anchors

  • Cooler/cooler bag with allll the more than you think (yes,#MamaMargaritasare welcome)

  • All the beach friendly snacks (aka snacks that when they get dropped in the sand, you can easily blow it off OR snacks that are a-plenty which makes dropping some a non-issue, like kettle corn)

  • Waterproof speaker

  • Backup battery packs to keep music bumping

  • Waterproof iPhone cases

  • Small dry bag for essentials

  • A Mom-Only bag, with reading materials (which I never get to, but hope is a strategy right?) and stuff that does not get sandy!

  • Waterproof/sand proof beach “blanket”

  • Sunblock that you put on in the parking lot before you claim a beach spot (this is a key step)

  • Collapsible chairs for all (or else your toddler will take yours)

  • Hats and long sleeve options for everyone (additional water-friendly versions for little people...floppy hats and rash guards)

  • Changes of clothes

  • Water shoes

  • Baby powder (best sand remover everrr)

  • Giant sand-friendly mesh beach bag

  • Giant shovels and buckets

  • Portable toddler toilet and wipes (trust me, we’re in a pandemic)

  • Yetis

  • Paddle Ball

  • Your sense of humor

Pack the night before and you’re good to go.

What am I missing?! Comment below!

xx, Danielle

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