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Does Your Focus Need Focus?

5 Quick Tips to Unfunk-You-Up in No Time

It’s easy to get caught up in the shiniest thing, or the loudest voice, or the news, or the thing you can’t solve, or the office cooler gossip (way back when, remember when?!), or the good old negative not-self-serving thoughts.

But here’s the thing...focusing on those things will most certainly help you magnify them, and detract you from what actually deserves your energy and attention. It’s science.

Here are 5 Pro Tips I lean into when I start to dwell on something for too long and it inevitably starts to funk me up. (Maybe they’ll help you too?!):

  1. Identify 3-5 things you’re grateful for. Write them down or take a timeout to think them through.

  2. Move your body. If you can workout, do it. Other good options: Take a walk. Stretch. Dance.

  3. Treat yoself to a simple pleasure. A nice coffee or matcha always does it for me. I also recommend: a healthy smoothie, a mani, or a decadent piece of chocolate.

  4. Call a bestie. Sometimes just having a good friend to vent to, who can also remind you of how great you are or give you something you need to hear in that moment, is gold.

  5. Go all Sally Sunshine on the great things in your life that make you happy; and Do, Consume, Absorb, Think About, and Dive Into, those things in excess. In the form of: podcasts, reading, talking about it, thought prioritization, etc...and block out the rest (digital detox if you need to!).

Just a little reminder for us both.

What are some things you do to un-funk yourself, and amplify the greatness that is your LIFE?! Comment below!

xx, Danielle

Want more hot tips for living your best life?! Check out this little article I wrote for us: Put Your Oxygen Mask on First, which includes 8 actionable things you can start doing TODAY to help you actualize your full potential.

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