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Family Camping Essentials: 11 Toddler/Parent-Friendly Liquids to Pack in Your Cooler

Caffeinated camping essentials!

We take our liquids very seriously, which translates well when we camp.

Here’s a lineup of our key cooler libations for hydration, fun, energy and recovery:

1| Wine. Daddy is in charge of the wine list. And it typically includes baller champagne, food-appropriate reds, and aged dessert wines that pair well with s’mores and cheese. 2| 5-Gallon Water Jug. We fill this up and use it at base camp for drinking and washing things 3| Coconut water. Delicious and hydrating. 4| G2. Low sugar, kid friendly and extra hydrating. 5| La Croix. We treat these like a fun, non-alcoholic beverage that we can also share with the kids (Coconut & Pamplemousse are our fave flavors). 6| Rebbl Drinks. Plant based elixirs and protein beverages, that feel fancy, taste like a treat and are very energizing. All the flavors are en fuego, especially the hazelnut chocolate!!! 7| Honest Kids Juice. We like to buy this in jug form. Less waste, easy toddler cup refills. 8|Starbucks Via. Good tasting instant coffee is a campers dream, and this brand is just that. This allows for easy brewing in the early mornings, and all you need to add is a pot of hot water and cups. 9| Trader Joe’s Organic Cold Brew. Yummy, and an easy morning and afternoon pick-me-up, especially when it’s hot out! 10| NutPods Creamer, French Vanilla flavored, cooler-size friendly. 11| Organic Whole Milk; great for hot & cold chocolate milk making, stovetop mac ‘n cheese, and morning fireside oatmeal.

AND *all of the above packs very well in a big @$$ cooler with ice (*not including the vino here people, chill yours as you see fit!).

What’s in your kid-adult friendly camp cooler?

xx, Danielle

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