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How to Pack an Airplane Carry On for Toddlers

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

So, you wanna know how we rocked our cross-country flight from Boston to San Francisco, with just a mom and twin toddlers in tow? Backpacks.

a.k.a. appropriately packed sacks of joy and distraction. While wearing our staple travel uniform: track suits — which are great for layering and easy to clean/hide travel messes.

Here’s what we trekked with us for in-flight entertainment that worked wonders: 1| Regular sized backpacks (we love our Superman backpacks from @HappyHannas) 2| Tablets and headphones, with a lot of Daniel Tiger downloaded from Netflix (it’s our jam right now); we use Kindle Fires and LilGadgets headphones 3| Snacks: Fruit snacks, fruit leather, mini trail mix packets with m&ms for emergencies, peanut butter filled pretzels, luna bars 4| Candy necklaces and bracelets (my kids are not usually allowed to eat this stuff, so it ends up being quite the fun surprise and they usually end up playing with it more than eating it; also for emergencies) 5| Coloring book and crayons 6| @MelissaAndDougToys Scratch Art pads (recommend fastening string-tape-setup to the ever disappearing pencil) 7| @PartyToyz Grab N Go Play-Packs (these things come loaded with stickers and games and crayons and fun) 8| Second favorite lovies (we never travel with our favorites) 9| Swaddles (as blankets, towels, light shields, snuggles…good for basically er’ythang) 10| A change of clothes and socks (flights always get cold, keep the tootsies warm!) 11| Contigo water bottles with carry loop (which have been recalled, so maybe find a similar one) 12| Not pictured: snack cups to minimize spillage; #WikiSticks, more chocolate (mostly for me) 13| Not pictured: more snacks. Because you can never have enough! Snacks are the gifts that keep on giving.

Being able to have the boys carry (ish) their own packs, was a game changer this flight, as a mom traveling solo.

That, and the fact that I was able to use a bungee cord to strap one travel car seat to our stroller, and carabiners to clip water bottles and bags to the stroller as well – all of which really freed up my hands for toddler wrangling and achieving successful arrival to our gate with all our sh*t.

Trust me, you too can do it!



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