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Love Life Loudly & Royal Bubbles

Never settle and always look for ways to celebrate your fabulous life.

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Photo by Becca Tapert from Unsplash
"Love Life Loudly" — Danielle Vardaro

This is the message that I chose to lead with going into my big birthday month, and on my actual birthday last Friday (Sagittarius, baby!). It’s #1 on my list of the 49 glorious lessons I’ve learned from living large for a little over three and a half decades (!!!) — and it’s one I’m very proud to champion.

Sidenote: I wrote us all another 48 that are fun and insightful, that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. If you’re interested in checking them out and showing me some Medium love with some claps you can read my love note here.

To me “loving life loudly” means living with purpose.

It also means living authentically. And it means not giving a single F about other peoples opinions of you because You Do You.

It means not letting anyone’s small minds, comments, assumptions, perspectives, or words dictate who you are, what you do, or your self worth.

It means accepting the cards you were dealt in all seasons of life, and looking for the lessons in every situation that will make you better because of the experience.

It’s loving your life so much and knowing your value, that you don’t need to make other people feel small in the process but instead, when your light shines it lifts people up and encourages them to also let their light shine and to be better and to do better.

It's being grateful for the life you get to live and the body you have, and the opportunity to wake up everyday and make something great out of it. And finding reasons to celebrate the everydayness of your life and to open the literal or metaphorical bottle of bubbles to toast to the moments and things that are worth celebrating every single day (newsflash: there are A LOT, you just have to look for them).

Speaking of celebrating, I made us a cocktail called the Royal Bubbles, that's easy and fabulous and delicious, that I highly recommend you add to the rotation this season. Check it out:


  • Two 6 oz pours of Prosecco or Cava

  • 1 oz (ish) Chambord

  • Play with the bubbles:Chambord ratio for desired level of sweetness

  • Serve in a fabulous wine glass—tulip style recommended—sip, escape, repeat

Picture of Chambord Cocktail and "Royal Bubbles" recipe

To me, to love life loudly is a way I want to live, and most importantly it’s the way I want to be remembered.

I want to be remembered as someone who is whole — whole because all of the imperfections, broken pieces, unique elements, idiosyncrasies, and stories that each and every part of my body tells (with every scar, cell and memory included!), together make me whole and a perfect limited edition of one.

Maria and I had our week 8 (yeah!) #MomHustle conversation yesterday, and she asked me about my birthday wish. And my answer was one I’ve never given.

In more or less words I said: for the first time I don’t have a future wish, I have reflections that have been so powerful for me this year — you know, 2020 the year that almost crushed us but didn’t! — that I’ve written them down and I’m going to use them to propel me into this next phase of living and I truly cannot wait for the next round of insights so that I can continue to live my best life as I grow.

THIS is why I shared them with you.

I have a feeling this year is going to be my best vintage yet.

Will you join me and make it your best vintage too?

xx, Danielle


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