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#ManagingMotherhood - Week 7!

4 Tips to Living Your best Life in Any Season of Motherhood

Motherhood is a beautiful, messy and magical free fall.

It’s 10x harder than I ever expected and more incredible and mind blowing than I ever imagined. For those of us in it, we know the feeling well: Motherhood is your heart forever walking outside of your body.

It’s Magic. 

As a proud working mom of 3.5 year-old, Di-Di twins, my Motherhood journey continues to be the most ridiculous and most rewarding ride of my life.

It’s Madness.

But the magic and madness and everything in-between is what Motherhood is all about. It’s why it’s easy to get lost in it and lose yourself in it.

Full stop: This cannot happen.

But how do you do that? Simple. You put your oxygen mask on first, you nurture an extensive and ever-evolving fierce Mom Tribe, and you find ways to Live Your Best Life while respecting your current season of momming. See, we can do this!

My good friend Maria from @confessions_of_a_corporate_mom asked me to be part of her blog series on “Managing Motherhood”, where I share some of my best tips that I learned from my early days (including the 100 Days of Darkness 😬) and still use.

I cover these 4 tips in depth:

  1. Always expect the unexpected, and be adaptable. 

  2. Ruthless prioritization. 

  3. Create systems. Everywhere. 

  4. Find your Champagne Moments. 

Head over to Maria's blog here, and read my piece "Motherhood, Magic and Madness" to get the full dish on a few things you can implement into your life TODAY so you too can continue to #LiveYourBestLife in every season of momming.

Maria highlights a new working mom every week through her series on Managing Motherhood. The women she highlights offer a slice of their motherhood journeys, and the stories are helpful, relatable, and entertaining. I highly recommend you head to her blog and instagram page (@Confession_of_A_Corporate_Mom) to follow along and soak up this awesome series. Mamas unite!

xx, Danielle

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