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The 90s Called to Tell You That It's Time for New Glamour Shots. You're Overdue.

Updated: May 4, 2021

7 reasons why you need to update your headshots— like Glamour Shots, but the ones you actually want to see on the internet.

Headshots from the 90saka Glamour Shotsare ICONIC.

Morgan Fairchild in 1990
Morgan Fairchild in 1990, photographed by Harry Langdon

Soft lighting, backlighting, teased hair, all the sparkles and sequins, cats, oversized statement jewelry, questionable poses, awkward matching, uncanny props, epic fashion statements that scream "I may have picked this outfit out after a few too many cosmos".

Glamour shots in their glory days give me all the feels. How about you?

Good news: they're in the past for a reason, and today we get to have more creative control over the present day headshots that we introduce into the inter webs and family (mostly digital) photo albumsthank god. But let it be known: if and when the big-voluminous-perm makes a comeback, I will be ready for it. Think: 1987 Whitney Houston or Julia Roberts circa 1990.

Anyway, I want to get you excited about updating your headshots and/or lifestyle portraits. Especially if it’s been while since you updated yours, or if you are in career inflection point and need a refresh.

Think of it this way: Todays headshots are like Glamour Shots, but they're the photos that you actually want to see of yourself on the internet.

Thanks to the 90s we know what not to do with personal photos, and now we can take all that we've learned and combine that with digital technology of today and retake them to our liking with ease. Plus we can do it with just about any budget we've got thanks to the fancy digital cameras most of us carry around in our pockets every single day AND we all have access to manyoften freeresources to make a photoshoot we love possible (more on that below).

In summary: you no longer have a good excuse to have lack-luster and out-dated headshots of yourself. You're welcome.

You might be thinking…“I don’t care.” or “I don’t have time.” or “Why do I need to do it now?” — and to all of that I want to say three things: First, you should care because your personal brand matters and your headshot is one of the first impressions of your personal brand. Second, you DO have time for anything that’s important, and this is important and I can help you execute it quite efficiently! Plus, you have only 7–8 seconds to hold someone’s attention and whether you like it or not, first impressions are important and sometimes that’s all you get. Lastly, given all that we’ve been through as of late, chances are it’s been a little too long since your headshots were updated last and you’re overdue — it’s cool, we can get through this together.

Not convinced yet? Keep scrolling, I lay it on thick below.

Why you need to update your headshots:

1. The experts say you should.

The experts (LinkedIn, professional photographers, personal brand strategists, your mom) recommend that you update your headshots every 2-3 years OR when your appearance changes dramatically so that A. Your public persona stays current, B. You allow yourself to embrace the glorious gift of aging, AND C. so that all the people who interact with you, admire you and work with you, know what you really look like today.

2. Girl, you've changed. And it's time to embrace and celebrate the new you.

Vaccines are rolling out, you can't live in your spandex forever (or can you? ether way, no judgment), and you're due for a vibe check and reset. Heck, if you want to, anytime is also a great time to totally reinvent yourself or revamp your personal brand. Consider this photoshoot a key part of your coming out party, and you get to own the new-and-improved fabulous YOU that you're about to (re)introduce into the world; your headshots can help with that.

3. Headshots are photoshoots for adults, to create photos of yourself that you actually want to show people. You want them.

Here's a test: your boss or a friend asks for a picture that he/she can use for the office communication or the announcement you're featured in, and panic/irritability ensues. Sound familiar? Your passport, drivers license, high school yearbook photo, college ID, that picture you cropped your head out of to use for *insert social platform or company that required it* that looks like your kids art project...pause: did this trip down memory lane make you cringe?...for most of us these are all living examples of all the headshots gone wrong in our life. Listen: it doesn't have to be this way. You're an adult now, and you get to control your headshots, and make them showcase the real you.

4. Lifestyle photoshoots/headshots are awesome!

Secret: getting your headshots done doesn't have to feel "too corporate". What if I told you that the primary goal of your upcoming photoshoot is to capture a good photo of you that tells a story about your life in your natural environment? This is lifestyle photography, and it's awesome. With a lifestyle headshot, you get to be the creative director and you can create headshots that you're proud to sling into the universe for personal use, publications, professional use, and/or social media outletsheck you can even throw your favorite coffee mug or office space in there with you.

"Lifestyle Photography for Fabulous People is all the rage and everyone has a little amazingness stuffed deep in their souls." —Jasmine Star, Photographer & Business Strategist

5. Your LinkedIn profile pic is false advertising.

Just being honest. And we need to care about LinkedIn, not only because it's the world’s largest professional network and growing, but also because it's a free resource to showcase who you are and what you offer, and it allows you to easily connect with people in a more polished way. It's important to ensure that this tool is up-to-date. If you have your own business, work in Corporate America, are job searching, involved in any professional societies, on a board, use the internet, or simply want to be a resource for others on their respective career journeys, LinkedIn—this powerful networking tool and high-impact virtual resume—is your jam; let's keep it current.

6. You need a fresh photo for life, and you don't have one.

Maybe, you have an upcoming speaking engagement, a work announcement, a podcast feature, a guest blog post, an award to receive, an event you're part of that requires digital advertising, a new team/board/club you joined, a life event or career milestone, a business venture...any of these events would likely require you to fork over a current photo of yourself, and it should probably be one that you like.

7. Because you're worth it. Plus, it's fun and it feels good.

How good does it feel to share our best selves with the world? But for real, when's the last time you picked out an outfit you loved, and made time to prepare you assetsyour body and whole vibe, and maybe you even put on some makeup and did your hair to your liking—so that everything you exuded screamed "I'm feeling' myself". If your answer is: your wedding day OR when your new job required it OR you can't remember (!!!)...then it's time to prioritize YOU and make it happen.

And listen, I get it, it's been a helluva year+ and many of us forget what it's like to get all dolled up, and take too many selfies with your squad like you're a twenty-something again while you paint the town red. Or maybe you're a (+new) mom; or you've been head-down in *insert passion project, side hustle, and/or all consuming life thing*, or maybe you've just had other prioritiesit's cool, sometimes life gets in the way. Let this be your reminder that you can and should take a moment to come back to center, revamp your personal brand, and/or reintroduce yourself to the world.

You deserve to make time to show up for yourself, and to capture the true essence of who you are in a single photo that you're proud of, if only to remind yourself of how fabulous you truly are. Be your own hype woman.

Now, let’s get to the fun part: The Photoshoot.

But how do you execute a killer personal branding shoot on any budget? Thanks for asking. I’ll teach you everything I know in my next post; be on the lookout and get excited.


xx, Danielle


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