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Training for Life: 5 Things to Focus on to Enliven Your Inner Badass and be Ready for Anything

PSA: Being Rocky Balboa (a badass) takes hard work. And being Rocky Balboa (a badass) is not for everyone.

I think about what I’m doing to prepare myself for my badass life often. I think about Resilience Training and readying myself for anything life throws my way. I wonder if you can relate?

If I were to distill my go-dos into actionable areas, they would fall into the 5 following categories:

1| FITNESS. I workout like my life depends on it. Because it does. I put a very high (daily) priority on strength training and moving my body. I love feeling strong. It also makes me feel mentally strong and capable, and ready for anything.

2| CONSUMPTION. I’m selective with everything I consume. And I’m not just talking about food (but equally as important!). What you consume – people, content, food – matters. You are what you consume. Ask yourself: What are you eating, watching & reading? Who are you following? Who and what are you allowing access to you?

It’s so important to surround yourself with people and things that meet you where you are and where you want to grow. Reminder: you are the product of the five people you interact with most. For me, some days those people are the ones I listen and learn from on a podcast. Connecting with people in real life is always preferred, but in our busy lives and during the crazy workweek/adult-life grind, I try not to underestimate the many ways – podcast, telephone, books, news, etc… – in which I can get access to quality, high caliber individuals to add to my inner circle who can help me level-up, and you should do the same. 3| BRAIN TRAINING. Never stop learning or educating yourself, not only for personal enjoyment and interest, but also for the next opportunity or discussion or failure or gut punch. Find people to talk about the things that matter and who will argue with you and challenge you to think differently. Get mentally tough. 4| GRATITUDE. I recently started to incorporate a daily gratitude practice with the #last90days challenge and it’s been an invaluable thing to keep me going and grateful even on the hardest and most unpredictable days. 5| PERSPECTIVE & INTENTION. Own your perspective and set a daily intention. Life is hard. Choosing to view things in a positive light and setting a daily focus is powerful. And it literally helps your brain focus on the upside and what’s important, and filter out the negativity and the less important. Find ways to enjoy the process. And spend energy making progress not on complaining.

Also, holler if you have and tips and tricks to be more like Rocky 🥊

xx, Danielle

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