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Tribes & Tools for Living Your Best Life

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

17 Tools to add to your Boss Lady Toolkit Today

What's in my purse

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Hey, hey, hey! It’s coffee talk time.

I want to talk about how Tribes and Tools are the not-so-secret ingredients to living your best life.

When you nurture a fierce #Tribe (aka: #MomTribe #Squad #Village...choose your own adventure), you have a network of support and knowledge to help you through basically anything. And when you invest in the right tools, you maximize your time and energy.

Therefore it’s safe to say we should always be growing and adding key members to our tribe (to align with our own personal evolution and season of life) AND we should also be investing in tools to set us up for success all the time — both of these things give you basically unlimited ROI.

I’m a pretty busy woman with big expectations and (outrageous) dreams, and I want to live my best life possible without sacrificing the things that matter most to me — you too? Cool. I had a feeling that this would vibe with you since you’re here. Excellent.

SO since my community here is an extension of my IRL tribe, I thought I’d share with you my top tools and subscriptions that I’m really into right now that are helping me live my best life, so that maybe you find some that help you optimize your time and life in a new way as well.

Check these out:

  1. ConvertKit: full service email service provider (ESP), for all your email and marketing funnel needs; worth the investment. Test it out for free here.

  2. Canva: The only graphic design platform you need as busy working woman; it's great for anything and everything creative in life and business; I’ve even used this for negotiations and proposal making.

  3. Wix: cloud based web design; this is my website platform and I love it because it's very intuitive, offers great templates, and is super easy to maintain without a paid website designer.

  4. Dropbox: cloud based storage service; I use it for all my photo and file backup needs and I love that these things can be accessed right from my phone, and synched to any device. Check it out.

  5. Spotify: to me the subscription is worth it; gimme all the playlists and playlist-making capabilities, without commercials. Peep some of my playlists here.

  6. Girl On Fire Collective by @TheChampagneDiet: my go-to business woman monthly membership, which offers boss lady mindsets, empowerment and community.

  7. AdobeCreativeCloud, Lightroom Classic & Lightroom Mobile: teaching myself to edit photos and improve my photo management system was easily one of the best investments I’ve made in myself in the last two years.

  8. Pinterest: mood boards, cross-posting content, creativity and ideation. Love it. you can follow me here.

  9. CharlottesWebCBD: Full spectrum CBD, founded by the Stanley Brothers (7 of them!). This is my favorite brand. Visit the FAQs to learn more.

  10. The Overcast app: podcast organization and management.

  11. TradeCoffee: the only hipster coffee subscription you'll ever need. Get a free bag here.

  12. BeautyPie: a luxury beauty/skincare buyers club that overdelivers on value; huge fangirl of serial entrepreneur @Marcia.Kilgore. Get your first month free here.

  13. DailyHarvest: a plant-based and chef crafted meal delivery service; easy access to healthy and nourishing meals for my busy boss lady workweek is everything. Get $25 off your next order.

  14. MarcoPoloApp: the best way to keep up with besties; the premium version is worth the investment for the scratchpad alone.

  15. Self Coaching Scholars from @LifeCoachSchool: a monthly coaching membership with so many good lessons on everything you need for massive personal growth. In the least, I recommend listening to The Coach Life School Podcast to get a taste of what it's all about; I'm consistently delighted and inspired by the content.

  16. MasterClass: I call this my “intelligent entertainment outlet”; I’m not a big TV person but I love to learn, and this membership is the best investment I’ve made on feel-good entertainment. Get it into your life.

  17. Red lipstick. Get some. Bold lipstick is a power move, and everyone looks and feels fantastic in the right red. I'm currently loving: Giorgio Armani 400 color, either in Rouge D'Armani Matte (high pigment, high coverage) or Ecstasy Shine (shiny hydrating, medium coverage).

Do you use any of these? What am I missing?! I would LOVE to know what tools help YOU live like the Boss that you are. Tell me!

Well-resourced women are a force.

Cheers babes,

xx, Danielle


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