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You Can Only Control What's in Your Control.

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

13 Tips to keep you living your best life, despite this wild time we're all in.

How are you holding up? Did you phone a friend? Did you find a moment of calm? Did you do the face mask? Did you spend time doing nothing? Did you give yourself grace? Did you take a #MommyTimeout?

We’re all still adjusting to this whole “everyone’s all home at once” thing.

On the whole, it’s awesome to have this time together, and it’s also crazy hard, punctuated by moments of me completely losing my sh*t -- raise your hand if you agree -- THIS is why it's so important to find ways to focus on and control what you can and what brings you wholeness and happiness, and let go of the rest. The other day me and the #BenderBoys shared some thoughts on things we can all do and focus on during this “eventful and challenging and inconvenient” time, and here they are again for your viewing pleasure:

  1. Keep your sense of humor. As many of us know, being expected to be working and momming full time is a complete joke. Don't forget to laugh at yourself.

  2. Get organized. Choose small ways to every day to create order in your life and for your family. Make a meal plan. Clean the junk drawer. Make a list that helps you organize your thoughts. Declutter an area of your house. Make your bed. Organize an area of your life that needs your inbox, closet, shoe pile, car, makeup.

  3. Keep your wine stash at a healthy level (open the good stuff).

  4. Maintain and prioritize morning routines and systems in general that set you up for success and preserve your sanity. And if you don't have a morning routine yet, now is the time for you to create one.

  5. Get a daily workout in; “movement is medicine”. Peloton has a 90-day free trial to use their app, which is awesome, so now you officially have zero excuses to get moving.

  6. Get creative. We have time. Do something creative that you enjoy, maybe do/try something that you haven’t had time to do or explore until now. Hone a hobby. Bake. Write. Paint. Create. Teach. Share something. Read and think. Learn that new language. Play an instrument. Improve your photography skills. Make magic.

  7. Phone/FaceTime a friend. Often. Connection is so important always, and especially now when we're not interacting with folks in person.

  8. Schedule a #VirtualCoffeeDate. Schedule many virtual coffee dates. Connect with someone new, and set up time to chat with them.

  9. Check in with yourself and your friends and family. This is quite the emotional rollercoaster, and we all need an army of support at all times.

  10. Take time to slow down, and take time to think.

  11. Continue to be a leader, and listen to your intuition.

  12. Hug, high five, celebrate, give a shoutout to, show gratitude for alllll the folks on the front lines of this whole Coronavirus thing, and trying to help everyone, especially the scientists, doctors, nurses and first responders. You all are HEROES. Thank you.

  13. And here are a few key #TipsFromToddlers:

  • Xander: shared a short sonnet of all the people he loves. In summary, “Continue to spread the love”.

  • Vance: “Have a good workout, spend lots of money, and eat all your food”. But maybe be smart with his money spending suggestion (*wink*).

There you have it folks.

Stay healthy. Stay positive. Stay home.

xx, Danielle

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