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Bubbles and Babes

Throwback Thursday to the OG Bubbles & Babes, and the whole reason why I started sharing in this space in the first place (drumroll please): I found out I was pregnant with twins!

Before babies, Bubbles used to mostly be consumed alongside my babelicious girlfriends.

And when these two came around, they quickly became the main Babes.

3 month old nuggets. This gem is precisely why I will never stop getting family pictures taken at the mall. It took us all morning to prepare for this event, and when we arrived, everyone puked all over everything. Special thanks to the Nordstrom makeup counter lady who made me somehow look awake and refreshed (sleep was a figment of our imaginations back then), and to JCPENNEY who had these cute matching diaper covers to save the day.

As a mom, bubbles sometimes now also refers to bath time.

In summary: my life still involves a lot of bubbles and babes, and that meaning has evolved in all the best ways.

In the upcoming weeks my goal is to share a little bit more about myself, and to provide easier ways to access my ramblings, lists, and working mom tricks and tips.

Thanks for listening.

xx Danielle

6 month old Vance (left) and Xander

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