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Demand What You Need to Be Successful in Business and Life

“Wolpack” by Abby Wambach

Have you read “Wolfpack” by @AbbyWambach yet? Or seen her commencement address to the Barnard College class of 2018? If neither…start with the YouTube recording and the book will immediately follow for you. It’s awesome. A quick read and everything women need to hear. My boss mom lady friend Emma K. turned me on to it.

Abby follows Rule 2 with this: “Demand equity. Demand equality. Demand the job. Demand the equal pay. Demand a place at the table. Demand to be listened to. Demand inclusion. Take the ‘man’ and the masculine out of de-man-d by demanding with grace and gratitude.”

This book, and some other things that have been coming up at work most recently, has got me thinking a lot about advocacy. Not only being your own advocate but also advocating for others on the subjects and things around us that truly matter, that need to change. We need to demand what we need to be successful, equal and to have a seat at the table, every chance we get.

When you advocate and ask for the things you need, chances are other people need those things too and your passionate efforts to crack open that door, while it may not open for you, might be the original reason why it eventually opens for everyone.

Ladies: we need to stop being so nice. It’s not cute or helpful to our progress or impact. Need a mother’s room that’s not in a bathroom? More flexible work hours to support your family needs? A longer paid maternity leave? A promotion or raise? Therapy? Business Class? Better work conditions? Demand it. Don’t decide not to act or ask because “you’ll be fine”. The things that are important to you are important to others and help us all compete and succeed in a world that’s been built mostly to support the needs of men.

This needs to change.

xx, Danielle

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