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Welcome to #MomHustle.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The weekly live conversation we need to have about all things mom life and strong women mindsets.

Like most women with big brains, big ideas and an appetite for more, we have a lot to talk about.

Announcement for the Danielle & Maria weekly #MomHustle live conversation. Join Us!

My girl Maria, from @confessions_of_a_corporate_mom, and I decided it was time to start up a hustler-friendly LIVE conversation once a week to dish on hot topics, life hacks, and all the important things going on in our lives and yours. Maria is a boss mom of 3, writer, entrepreneur, and creator of the #ManagingMotherhood Series that highlights working moms and a slice of their respective motherhood jouneys on her blog: Confessions of a Corporate Mom (check these inspiring stories out!), and she lives/works in Florida.

We both started sharing on social and on our respective blogs to build more community, empower each other, and connect with more fabulous women, and we wanted to take that to the next level...and BAM! #MomHustle — a weekly INSTAGRAM LIVE conversation with Maria & Danielle was born.

Because let's get real:

"The Hustle hits different when you're a mom."

— Christine Michele Carter

Well ain’t that the truth.

Christine Michele Carter — the #1 global voice for moms — is spot on, thanks woman.

As soon as I knew I was about to bring life into the world, I felt this overwhelming call to duty, and a deep “Oh sh*t, I’ve got a lot of work to do”. Do you feel this too?

I’ve always given everything I do my all, and some, but this call was different. It shook me, but also seemed so matter of fact, like..”listen up, whatever you’re about to do is going to force you to really level up because now you’ve got little people watching and that legacy you’re building has a much greater purpose.”

I think about it every single day as I put in work for my next level life; during this crazy job (+purpose) search, and while I’m exploring and testing creatively with my writing and through personal development, and especially with what I choose to let into my life.

I think about how I’m leading by example as a mom to my boys in all aspects of how I live, because I want them to have a strong example of how to be and to have a better life than I do with endless possibilities. Can you relate?

This is one of the main reasons why I keep showing up in this space and in many others, in the way I promised myself I would so that I can be better; little by little, day by day. The hustle ain’t easy but I already know it’s worth it.

What’s something you hope to teach your kids that they get to see through your work ethic, life choices or actions?

Me: I hope they always see that anything worth doing takes hard, relentless work, and to never give up on their dreams.

These are the kind of things I want us to share more of, and the topics what we aim to highlight through our weekly #MomHustle converstation. We're going to do this thing live once a week, through the end of 2020 (barring any major #MomProblems). Topics and guests will vary, and we promise it will be fun.

#MomHustle Week 6

Today was Week 6: Own your Superpowers & Let Them Shine. Catch there replay here! We talked about how Motherhood is a superpower. And the unique and exceptional superpowers that motherhood brings out in us all, and why it’s important to own each and everyone of them in all aspects of how we live — at home and at work.

We also talked about how your unique superpowers are a core part of your personal brand and how they should be shared and celebrated often. I announced the release of the “Bubbles & Babes Branding Bundle” (free download), that will help you own your strengths and share them with the world — it’s a compilation of the 3 best tools I’ve been using almost daily to own my personal brand and market myself effectively during this career transition, and I can’t wait for you to have them too. Check it out. I know you'll love it.

We hope you'll join us live, and if you can't, we hope you'll check out the replay, and give us some feedback.

Let's keep doing big things together.

xx, Danielle


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