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Oxytocin, Human Connection & All the Ice Cream

Always make time for ice cream dates.

These are the magical moments: eating ice cream on our uncle and aunts porch, way past our bedtime, on a school night, after a glorious Italian feast with our extended family. There’s nothing more fulfilling or essential to our growth, happiness and survival than in-person engagements and connections.

In today’s #APodcastADay listen, this message rang loud and clear. We need to make in-person connection and in-person communication a priority. Especially as technology continues to capture our time (average person spends 11 hours a day in front of a screen!).

“We do not produce oxytocin unless – the hormone that allows us not only to learn and to know, but also to empathize and to understand – unless we are present with all five senses…being together is the only way…this is why a man or woman holding a baby is flooded with oxytocin…” – Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinhem (women’s rights pioneer and activist) shares her thoughts on “Women in 2019”, while chatting with CelesteHeadlee (comms expert and journalist) on the #ConferenceForWomen podcast, and her messages hit home for me this morning – check it out!

PSA: No matter how tired or busy you are, prioritize quality time with quality people. It’s pretty much the most important thing. And take Gloria’s word for it and remember that “we need to balance the hours in front of a screen with hours in which we are fully present.” #Balance#Oxytocin

xx, Danielle

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