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Reminder: Live a Life You Love, Every Damn Day.

This. Is. Three.

Guys. I have three year olds. Wild, kind, energetic, independent, donut-loving three year olds.

I’ve learned so much watching them grow over the past few years. At a high level, it’s certainly making me a better and more resilient human. I’ve also learned that many of the cliches of parenting continue to be true — not the one about the terrible twos, but especially the ones on time. It’s incredible how fast it all goes by. Just about every moment and every phase is packed with so much stuff to experience and remember, that it’s exhausting and magical and impossible to keep up…but you try.

I try to savor the moments. And take mental snapshots of things I hope to never forget…bedtime stories on my lap, all the I-love-you-mama’s, the weight of them both in my arms when I carry them anywhere… And prioritize our (quality) time together. And find joy in even the hard stuff (holy hell, they’re finally potty trained). And to find humor in the crazy, stressful, ridiculous stuff (how many meetings did I walk into with a Paw Patrol sticker on my ass?). And I am constantly challenging myself to slow down, and be present. We can’t get this time back.

And the older I get, the clearer and more meaningful this message becomes: if you’re not doing what you love, or living a life you’re proud of, or making time to spend your precious moments with people you care about, you’re not living your best life. Maybe that’s okay for some, but it’s not okay for me. I will be forever working to actualize my potential and to live my best life. And if you’re reading this, you probably are too 🥂

Reminder: don’t wait for “someday” to come to do that thing you wanted to do for you or with your little people, or for next month to take the day off from work to spend it with them, or to (“insert whatever you’re putting on hold because life is in the way” here) …because the reality is, the only thing guaranteed is today and this moment. Don’t wait to start living the life you want and creating the life you’re proud of.

Happy birthday my baby boys! Thanks for being my constant reminder to live life with purpose & intention. I love you 💙💙

xx, Danielle

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