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The Fearless Girl

"Know the power of women in leadership."

Do you have any art in your office that makes you feel like a Badass Boss?

Everyday I walk into mine, this is one of the first pictures I see: a framed artistic photograph of The Fearless Girl on Wall Street.

The #FearlessGirl statue was installed the day before #InternationalWomensDay on March 17, 2017, across from the infamous Charging Bull, to send a message about workplace gender diversity and to encourage companies to recruit more women. It created a lot of (fabulous) controversy. The statue has since been relocated but before it was moved the plaque placed below it shared the following message: “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference," — an excellent message for all. (with SHE referring to both the gender of the subject and the fund's NASDAQ ticker symbol, thanks Wikipedia).

It immediately sets the tone for my workday, and makes me feel powerful and strong, and reminds me how important it is that I show up consistently as my best self for others and for myself. It also reminds me to continue to blast through any barriers and pave the way for all my fellow fab females, and for the ones on my heels and those who are just getting started. And it empowers me to continue to make our gender proud and to make waves wherever I go and with whatever I do.

No matter what kind of day, week or season I’m having, often times all I need is this photo as a reminder that my work and my purpose and my impact is so much bigger than my immediate sphere of reference. And yours is too.

Our unique super powers are needed every damn day, ladies. Let them shine.

xx, Danielle

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