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Drink More Champagne.

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

I love Champagne and everything it stands for.

Photographed by Ben Rayner

For starters, have you ever consumed a glass of bubbles when you weren’t celebrating something? Probably not. Also, isn’t it great to know that such an exceptional slice of luxury is as accessible as Champagne is? Exactly. And don’t you enjoy that even just one glass can coax out that feminine, classy, fabulous, invincible goddess that you are? Me too.

There’s just so much to love about it.

Here’s a fun #FizzFact: One of the most lavish bottles of champagne costs $2.07 Million 🍾...mostly due to the bottle, you know because 18-carat gold logos with 19-carat diamonds command a hefty price tag✨bling✨but apparently the wine is pretty fabulous as well...more of these fun facts are on deck, you’re welcome.

Here's another fun #FizzFact: there are roughly 300 million bottles of Champagne sold each year (says Forbes)! I'll drink to that.

I truly feel like I’m living my best life when I’m thinking about my next bottle of Champagne or sipping it. Do you agree? I feel like you agree.

Now, while I may be partial to Champagne, I do love the sparkling wine category in general because BUBBLES and because there is SO much to love and enjoy about it!!! I’m convinced that if you stick around here long enough, you’ll soon be as equally pumped about bubbles as I am (if you’re not already)

— that’s the goal anyway.

But for now, just know this: Hello & welcome, I love bubbles and I want to tell you more about them because I want you to fall more in love with them too because life is short and full of Champagne moments — aka moments worth celebrating — everyday, you just have to look for them. #DrinkMoreChampagne

xx, Danielle

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